Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mothers Day Gift & Power of Thoughts

Sunday was Mothers Day. I had such a hard time that day. Being away from Colton and Alex is not easy when it's the 'celebration of moms' day. What kind of mom abandons their own children to take care of someone else's child who is often too busy working or sleeping to be with you?

I will tell you who....

It's someone who has this vision in her head of the way she sees her true self. She is constantly laughing, voluptuous, abundant in every area of her life. Enjoying every second. It's HER that keeps the fire under my ass, who is determined to show her children that life is soooo much more than what we are conditioned,or born into, "believing" life is.

I found this letter from Bailey yesterday on the passenger seat next to me. Bailey had given it to me on Friday but I was driving and couldn't read it. Somehow it came back to me right at the perfect moment when I needed it the most.

This is the best mothers day present I've ever received. Yes, I will always be there to support all goals that my children have. She needed $0.10 to reach her goal of $100. Such an accomplishment - I'll give her the extra .1% that she needs to reach that goal. Hell YES I will!

And YES ~ thoughts are extremely powerful. "We created a house on a hill, by a creek, with gorgeous views, two stories, and huge windows - with our MINDS!"

The truth is....
Thoughts become Feelings
Feelings become Words
Words become Action
Action becomes Habit
Habit becomes your Reality

Even though I do teach my children this, and I know how TRUE this is, it's still so easy to forget to practice this in every single moment. Thoughts are so flittery fluttery. If I could only master this one aspect of the human experience, it would (aka WILL) be amazing.

Alright, I'm not there quite yet. But bring it on 3D.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

We have aligned with our Home - and Mercury Retrograde begins

In yesterdays post I made mention that we found it. It ticks all the boxes + a community pool.

The day before we found it - when I looked to see if there were any blocks - everything looked perfectly clear. Between Seth and I, the house, and the kids - all clear and it felt like life and color had entered the party.

The morning we found out, Wednesday 4/5, the realtor texted Seth some questions about his credit and then congratulated him on saving a family and their pets from a burning house in 2002.

I remember Seth coming over to my house that day in 2002 when I lived at 1407 boulevard way in Walnut Creek. I totally didn't believe him and laughed at him. Who knew that day 15 years ago would come back to us now. Of course it did.

We are total magic bunnies together. Like I said, when we are on - it's game freaking on.

It was either, we get our home - or - I go to Spain for a blueprint activation on May 6th.

I explained that Mercury retrograde begins April 9th (today) and that no new contracts until it ends on May 3rd.

I knew that I can participate in the blueprint activation from here - but ONLY if we had space to do it (which living in Mike's house we do not have). What I didn't "know-know" was whether or not I was going to go - like I told Seth, I'll travel to wherever I have to go to get to my people. I'll travel through galaxies - whatever it takes to do what I came here to do. I'm not wasting any more of my precious earth time waiting for anybody else to get their shit together. I'm ready to roll!

Well, after that conversation we got on track pretty damn fast. We did it. We signed the contract April 5th - just in time. We move in on the next New Moon, April 26th.

Here's our home!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Continuing to align - clearing out the basement

After many great and sometimes difficult conversations with Seth + a noticeable shift in him, I chose to proceed with this path with him. When we are on, it's on. In the same breath, when we get derailed, it happens fast and furious. It makes me apprehensive while also, I know that we need to allow ourselves the opportunity to grow as a couple, without me freaking out and running away. Without him freaking out and burning shit to the ground. Seth is important to me, and he has been on my mind for the entire length of my life since I met him. I want to give this a chance while at the same time being careful not to sacrifice the aspects of me that I have discovered and adore.

So, in light of moving forward - we proceeded with the credit check on the day before his birthday. It turns out that he got approved for $2500 rent payment even without any credit. And I have a credit score of 706! Of course we were excited and he was noticeably relieved. I wondered if this wasn't the bulk of his stress.

On Monday of this week the kids and I went on a bike ride to Burger King. When we got home, Mike asked us to put our bikes in the side yard, which of course is full of nails, and his energy was all out of wack. I was immediately chagrined and started pulling up houses to look at. I found a place posted on CraigsList who's titled showed "Townhouse in Meadow like setting" I pulled it up and knew instantly that we had to go look at it.

OMG I'm sitting here typing and just now realized that on the morning that I found the house, we had sex. Seth came, I did not. The sex was great, but because I haven't cum with him in about 2 months - I was pissed, sad. I went out and sat on the earth - which felt phenomenal - and cried and got over it. Then I worked all day. The night before we had a phenomenal conversation outside and loved loved loved on each other.

I'm not feeling great about myself right now. What is my problem?

The house is so great! I need to move in like now. I need to get my head in the game and leave all the lower emotions and vibrations behind when we enter our new home.

I have fluctuating emotions and feelings. The biggest one happening lately is my worth or rather the lack thereof. It's not right. I go way down and way out of reality. The difference now is, that when this happens, I have been remembering to bring in light. Recognizing it as an opportunity for healing those aspects of myself.

I just went back to the bedroom, worked with my crystal. Then told him I need to have sex with him. We did. I came. But holy freaking hell ~ getting to the point where I allowed the release and the letting go of feeling like I am unattractive, unloved, unwanted - to saying what I need, and allowing him to give it to me. Alright - there you go, the joys of going down - cleaning out the left over gunk from many lifetimes - and bringing St. Germaines purple flame to clear out the shame - so that I can continue and get to the life that I know exists in a parallel universe for me.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cross Roads

Image result for cross roads
I'm at a cross roads. Do we move in with the twin or do we go to Spain and deal with the possibility of a blow out drag out fight with him.. Maybe this wouldnt happen, but with the way he's been acting recently, I would not in any way be surprised if this happened. LOL..Is it possible that I could have both? Do I want to take this leap forward?

I know for a fact that I want what I want. I'm not being stubborn, I'm being decisive.

Not only that - I deserve the things that I want.

I am worthy of the things that I desire.

What is it that I want, you ask?

I want love, I want to feeeeel love, be love, emanate love (I have recently adopted the practice of looking at myself in the mirror and telling myself how in love I am with me - just so that when it does come back to me, I'll know how it feels to love me).

I want great fantastic sex - and great big orgasms in the wake of the aforementioned love (again, practicing this lately, with myself. My twin is often too tired after working all day).

I want to look out of my kitchen, living room, and bedroom windows and see my mother earth in all her glory (kind of like how I look at myself in all my glory and beauty).

I want access to her abundant land so that I can walk, bike, hike, and in-joy her (similar to how I want to be in-joyed).

I want abundance to flow through me naturally and with ease (similar to how I flow through life's changes).

Bailey envisions a house like ours in Moab by a creek, on a hill, with views out the windows. I can't imagine her not lining up with this. She is such a mother earth lover that I know beyond all doubt that the universe and our planet will give her everything that she desires.

Is it here?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mourning Something and Going Deep

Starting the night before last, I've been really emotional. No it's not my 'time of month' that's still a week and a half out. I can't pin point what the matter is, exactly. Maybe I don't want to dive fully into it. Maybe I'm lonely ~ which is what I told Seth this morning. Maybe I'm giving up. Maybe I'm frustrated that I'm in the same kind of situation I was in before I stepped into my power and moved out of my marriage and home with Shanon. Except now I live with a roommate who is also a heavy drinker. This is not what I envisioned for my future, with my daughter. I see us having more.

Another part of me also hurts for Ashton, if I were to choose a different path for Bailey and I, and I'm bitter about it. I left Alex - that was very very hard ~ it makes me cry thinking about it and there's nothing I can do about it. I don't like that I feel helpless about it. I don't like that I left Alex in an environment that I feel he shouldn't be in. I also know that this is his path, and the creator decides what's the way to go.

Why am I struggling so hard?!

Bailey is beautiful and strong and loving and does everything good and right. Ashton frustrates her and stops her from singing and gets mad when she wants to draw and gets mad when she wants to be herself. I constantly encourage her to be herself anyway. It reminds me of my relationship with Seth. He gets angry when I talk about the things that I love, or he shuts down and "uh-huh's" me.

Now to re-route the energy since it's out.

I see us happy and laughing grateful for all the hard work we put in to get there. Oh SHIT!! I can't even visualize that or type anything right now.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Venus and Jupiter in Retrograde + More to Come

I just realized that Venus has been in retrograde (in Aries by the way - Seth is an Aries) since March 4th. Ending on April 15th. This affects relationships and can sometimes make you want to bounce, kind of like me this last week while Seth was throwing his fits. This retrograde happens once every 19 months and lasts for 6 weeks.

Jupiter has been in retrograde since Feb 6th ending on June 9th! Did you know it takes 12 years for this giant beast to orbit the sun?! This retrograde occurs once every 13 months and lasts 4 months. It relates to dealing with particular issues involving growth and development, happiness and success. Make sure that the things you are working on really are in line with the highest good. Otherwise when it goes direct in June, you may be disappointed with the results.

Mercury goes retro on April 9th - May 3rd. It takes 88 days for Mercury to orbit the sun. Retros with this planet happen 3 - 4 times a year.  No new contracts during this period - which unfortunately means no new house for me during this time.

Saturn goes retro on April 6th - August 25th.  (Which by August there will be ANOTHER Mercury Retrograde going on too). When this planet goes retrograde it relates to Karma coming up. If you've been good - that's a gooooood thing. This planet goes into retro every 12 months and lasts 4 1/2 months.

Four planets retrograding. That should be exciting.

Last year there were 5, right at the time that I was being laid off from the Moab Umtra Project and deciding whether or not I should move to California.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Being a frequency holder and a magic weaver

It is imperative that I keep my frequency stable during these times of great change. I am a frequency keeper and a magic weaver. Weaving magic into every day life while also holding the frequency of unconditional love.

I have terminated all things that lower my frequency including drinking, smoking, being around people who lower my energy field.

I have also introduced Yoga into my life and am outside much more than I have been in the winter months. I have integrated the power of calling myself back, and wrapping a golden string of light around my energy field during my meditations so that it forms a crust of protection around me when I am around fluctuating energies.

Why? Because it was getting worse. Every time I lowered my frequency, it wasn't fun any more. It got to the point where I didn't want to anymore.  How did I quit these things you ask? I asked for my twelve strands of dna to be reconnected - and then I watched as the change took place within my cells.

Seth can't stand it when I talk about this stuff. It's interesting because Seth feels this and takes it as me attacking him. He mantras 'you don't change me, I don't change you' over and over again its this phrase that has become so thick in his vocabulary that it means nothing any more and has lost all context. What I don't think he understands is that I have changed and because we are twin flames, he feels this as himself changing and feels completely threatened.  I have not done any work with him at the physical level. I ask if I can practice and he is so far against it and says no.

He told me that he is feeling like nothing about him matters and that it's all about me, I don't understand where this is coming from at all. I don't understand how what I do, who I am, eliminates who he is in any way. This is ME ~ and I like me, so I'm going to talk the way I want to talk and do the things I do. I am not in hiding anymore for fear of what people think about me. What other people think about me has nothing to do with who I am. 

If ultimately this furious energetic coming from him leads to a separation because he can't stand it, well then our mission will have failed and our incarnation pointless. Separation is not an option here.

I play with fun and laughter. Well, I feel like I do this, but I could certainly do better as this is not reflected in the space around me when Seth is home lately.