Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We are in the presence of an angel

I am positive an angel is among us. Look at the glow around this amazing little being. 4 weeks old. And no, we haven't neglected our other two. In fact, she has made our family complete.

Shanon, Colton and Alex are in love with Bailey just as much as I am. She has been playing on the floor all week.

She met her other two aunts, Heather and Gay, and her uncle Brandon this weekend. Along with her cousins Jessica, Nathalia, Blaize, Kazh, Jackson, and Addie. She was a little over-timulated I think.

It looks like she's gotten over the digestion problem. Either that, or I have re-learned what she likes to eat.

She is still very sensitive to energy. If the energy in the house does not resonate with what she is comfortable with, she will let us know!!

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