Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bailey's 3rd Birthday

My little Bailey Cakes has been planning her Birthday with Purple Alligators and Butterflys, and tonz of friends who are dancing and laughing all day. Now, it was my job to pull this birthday off. 

Have you ever worked with Fondant? This is what I was able to create using this unique frosting. I ordered some online from Ebay and the rest I made myself. I also ordered some awesome food coloring that is very vibrant compared to the store bought coloring. 
Here are the many cupcakes with various animals and bugs on top to accommodate her birthday wishes.

Shanon had Bailey stand on the park table (?) She had to wear her party dress that  twirls up when she dances. The day was super cold but because of the remodel that we are doing on our bathroom, we wanted to have the party at the park. 
Alex doing what he does best....making the girls laugh.
Blowing out the candles. Make a wish sweet girl!
So grateful for the friends that showed up to this angels party. 
And a special thanks to Annie who brought her daycare kids to celebrate with us. 

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