Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas was great. We woke up, made the kids eat breakfast before opening presents (isn't it great being the adult?) Alex got a bunch of toys. I gave Shanon this awesome succulent wreath, and Shanon gave me a CrockPot! Yes~

Colton wanted one thing for Christmas - a new Eastern Element BMX bike. I think he might have been expecting it to be under the tree just waiting for him. For the last month I've been coaching him on the power of manifesting your hearts desires. I've explained that you can't manifest anything from a place of anger and resentment. This has been a conversation that I've had over and over with my 11 year old and although he has gotten better - there are still lessons to be learned. This was a perfect lesson for Colton.

We did not in fact leave the bike under the tree. Colton through fits, got upset to the point of throwing up!

After the presents were all unwrapped Shanon gave me the "is it time?" look and pulled out the first envelope. It had the Grinch on the front of it, with Colton's name. Inside was a gold dollar taped to a letter that stated that he had one more gift - but that he had to find it. The first clue would be in a place where we keep an object that could be used to cut an orange. I could see the smile creep across Colton's lips, and finally he knew this was going to be fun. The next clue opened, another gold coin. Now he was instructed to go brush his teeth. He was in there, brushing his teeth and saying 'Mom, where is it I can't find the clue" it was taped to the inside of the medicine cabinet and he didn't see it. haha - next clue take out the trash, grab the compost bin and feed the worms in the garden. Next clue, go to the fort he built with his friends last summer. Next clue, wash the compost bin and find the door that faces northwest. He comes in, all smiles - having a great time. Shanon had drawn a map on the clue so he could guess which door it was (the one on the shed) opening the door, he finds a huffy box. Inside the Huffy box is a gift for our neighbor whom he has to sing "Jingle Bells" to in order to get the next clue. From there he has to go to another neighbors house and invite him to dinner, telling him we are having swordfish - a signal for the next clue. Now he has to locate a model Jaguar car and find the next clue in the trunk. That leads him to the bike which is wrapped in tinfoil. But before he opens it, he has to find the combination (clue in our mailbox). Inside the mailbox was a letter for Alex, a small version of the long treasure hunt, and the mathmatical equation to unlock the bike. Colton uses a calculator and runs back over to unlock the bike. Ahhah sweet victory....a long wait, a fun game, for exactly the item he wanted. In Alex's note was a drawing of where to find his surprise....the dryer - clean clothes and everything.

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