Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Food food food

I have been trying some yummy recipes that I discovered on http://bad-girls-kitchen.blogspot.com and have been delighted with the outcome. YUM! Last night I tried chicken thigh supper, and made chocolate chip cookies for dessert. It smelled sooo yummy in the kitchen.

Then, Alex came in. He asked me what we were having, and when I said chicken (when he knew we were having chicken) he screamed 'I don't like chicken!' I was so frustrated when I had been so excited. It's made with bacon even. AND he does like chicken.

What was more frustrating was I took him to the store with me to get the ingredients, and told him if he behaved in the store I would get him a giant bubblegum. He was good in the store, and we did get the bubblegum. When we got home I realized that I forgot the 25 lb bag of flour at Village Market on sale for $6.99! We needed flour for the cookies and Alex was going to help me make them. So we went back to the store, without feeding Bailey. So she cried the entire time, on the way to the store, and in the store...Alex got a balloon from the lady at the register... and Bailey screamed all the way home. Me of course speeding a little bit because 25 miles per hour on 500 west seems ridiculously slow when you have a starving 4 1/2 month old screaming in the back seat.

I am still frustrated today. It's like why can I be soo excited about making a new meal, treating him to bubblegum, a balloon, and creating an incentive for after dinner dessert, and still get the 'I hate food' attitude? I feel like I am obsessing it is awful. Alex needlessly went to bed early, without dinner.

I have eaten a lot of the cookies myself today. Emotional eating, I know.

Tonight I'm making Pot Roast. He does eat pot roast. Wish me luck.

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