Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Transition ~ a.k.a "Bailey's new room"

Well, it's done. With the next 5 days off I finally cleared out Bai's room and moved her crib from our room to hers. Ahhhhh!!! What a relief.

In addition, I picked up a few colors at the hardware store for $4 a quart (sample paint). It's perfect. We have a beautiful turqouise (The color that I want to paint the kitchen cupboards), yellow, red, brown, black, white and green. I drew a huge tree in the corner of the room. Shanon painted it brown and we will add details later. Shanon painted a funny looking bird on the door, and I painted a couple of crazy different birds, and three flowers one of which Shanon added a toothy smile too, I painted a couple of bubble bees, Shanon added the wings. It was so much fun working with Shan. It's really fun for me to be reminded of all the things I love to do, like paint, and watch how he goes with it. We really enjoyed it.

The Honey and his amazing critter - he is a fantastic artist

Bailey is such a helpful person.

Notice the sunflower smile - thank you honey for your help on that guy. He's wonderful.

Here are some close ups of the paintings.

My birdie

Shanons birdie
Our bee
The Bailey Cake with wild wet hair

It took her almost an hour yesterday to fall asleep in her crib. Tonight, less than three minutes.....if I only would have known it would be that simple I probably still would have waited until now to do it because this is the longest stretch of time off of work I've had in several months.

Colton comes home tomorrow, YAY! I'm excited to see my boy. It's been almost four weeks. I hope he is happy to see us. I'm going to pick him up in Wellington as usual.

Projects coming up;
A Closet for the Mamma (this week - double yay)
A Loft bed for the boys (before school starts.....must get organized! Small spaces = extra difficult to put two boys in one room)
Chainsaw for wood - priority prior to winter
School shopping
Travel down the West Coast, Ocean trip (this fall)
Write a novel in 30 days - this I am excited about. I can tell because my stomach jumps when I think about it.

Hmmmm. That seems like a lot of change still coming up - keep it coming, I am LOVING it.

Nighty Night


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures, the room sounds beautiful. I love trees.

    I'm sorry I never knew about your blog. I'm a terrible friend. Sorry :(

    Baily is so old already. I can't believe she's in her own room. This time around must be so different than when Colton was a baby.

  2. Yea for Baily! I am so glad the transition is going well. Iam excited about your trip, closet, and novel. You are a great writer so I will look forward to it.

  3. So excited about all these things for you! And I'm so happy you were born ...and get to be my friend. Love you! I want to see her room..perhaps The Girl and I will take a walk up there sometime soon.

  4. Wow! what an exciting thing to see again --
    finally, got to see all these cute pix's - what
    true artists you all are -- miss you tons!
    Good luck on all your endeavors. bet you can
    guess who this is! I too am so happy you were
    born what a joy you are to all of us! XO