Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maters, Maters, Bo Baters

I can't even stand it another second! I LOVE planting from seed. I have exactly twenty four tomato plants growing on my kitchen table (as well as daisies and various wild flower seeds). I take them out every day to get the sun that they need. That is of course unless it's super windy, or cold. The last frost is still approaching, I'm sure. I have watched them grow from a tiny seed to a hairy sprout. Now they have at least their second leaves. Which mean that I get to plant their spindly trunk in dirt up to the first leaves. This trunk will now become a solid, strong, root system for them. I know I can't keep each and every plant. That would take up my entire back yard. I also know I don't have it in me to pinch any one of them off from life. I have to give them a chance. Thank god I can't (or don't) fertilize my own seed this easily otherwise I'd have children all over the damn place.

To think that a tiny, minuscule seed can be placed in soil, and watered, and shown the great big glowing ball in our sky, and watch it slowly change every day into a living, breathing, organic life form that in turn will produce fruit that I can chomp into and have it drip all over my face is AMAZING!! What?? I am completely enthralled with the entire concept. One of my plants appears to be cradling the seed in it's hands. It still holds the seed in it's leaves. The plant has not quite given up its home. It brings tears to my eyes to fathom this miraculous creation.

I was watching these beings yesterday morning. I was contemplating the seed of thoughts, that eventually, if fed the right food, turns into action, resulting in an outcome of some sort. Whether it be good or bad. There is a seed in every action. There is the beginning of every outcome, everything that ever was or is, is the result of some seed planted, watered, fertilized in the soil of our minds. The sun is the attention that we shine on that thought. The water, the food, the fertilizer is the stream of thoughts that we surround it with. Whatever we feed our thoughts will produce fruit that we can literally sink our teeth into and hold in our hands.

I am completely and totally committed to researching this further and seeing how far I can take this in my own experience.


  1. Well said! I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

  2. LOVE THIS Nicole!! You are the aweseomest bo bawsomest!