Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family Reunion - Summer

I love my family reunions.

Colton playing the acoustic for the cousins

My beautiful niece Jessica

My seester, Tadan

My bro, Brandon

My favorite cousin, Cyd

Slippery slide.
Bailey on the far right is considering it, but really just wants her agaba back (that's the name she gave her pink ball which appears at the bottom of the blue portion of the slippin slide)

I apologize to anyone who feels left out from these pictures, my hubby had the camera and was taking the shots.

I regret to say there was a tragedy the befell me during this vacation. I woke up that Friday night with several big breaths filling my lungs. When we returned to our home, our beloved Meow Meow did not. I don't know what happened to my princess but I do not think she is a part of this world anymore. I believe my body knew it that Friday night when I kept waking up for gasps of air. Since her disappearance, I have been told that coyotes are often seen.

Meow Meow was the one who would wake me up in the morning 'starving' and meowing at me, begging me to feed her immediately even though she weighed more than Bailey. When she was done with her breakfast, she would wait by the front door and lick her front paws until someone let her out. She refused to go through the dog door. Even when the roof was off of our house, she had to be let back in via the front door. She was my onery, stubborn, Meow Meow and I will never find another that could ever replace her.

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