Sunday, February 12, 2017

Being Un-Wanted

Through intense and fast work with Twin Flame Healers, Jill & Remi, on Wednesday - I asked them how I can be so ecstatic and ready to assist in this planetary transition and still be stuck in my house.

It was discovered that I was a deeply unwanted pregnancy. I was not wanted at all. By either parent. This makes so much sense to me. From the outside, I was the sixth child in a difficult marriage. My mom had two 'miscarriages' between my sister Stephanie (7 years older than I) and me. I am guessing both of these pregnancies were me and I could not handle the feelings of being unwanted and therefore, I left. It took me that long to muster enough courage to make it through the 9 months of womb creation. And I made it, with the chord wrapped around my neck, the doctors had to cut my moms favorite nightgown (I've been told) in order to get me out alive.

My entire life I have walked around feeling this un-wanted, un-loved energy And have continued to manifest it in my every day life - unconscious to the why it was happening.

Fortunately, I also carry the unconscious knowing that I am a part of the creators un-conditional love. It is now completely conscious that I am un-conditional love as is every being, plant and animal on the planet (and every one in the creation that we may not perceive with our eyes).

With this unconscious energetic being brought forth to be transformed back into light, I have created a template for others who carry this frequency t transform theirs too.

This is why I have been placed in the vicinity of star beings who are also here to transform the planet.

Aka Colton; Colton was also an unwanted pregnancy at first - I was terrified - and was probably terrified because I unconsciously carried the frequency that was given to me during those formative cellular splits. Colton was my rock ensuring that I didn't get lost in the abyss. He is more magical that he realizes.

Aka Alex: Alex came here to help Shanon. He had to find and go through two women who were potential options. One aborted him, so he found one that was asleep enough not to notice he was there. But the mother who carried him did not really matter because he and I had an agreement that I would meet up with him when he needed me the most. I accepted the gift of being his mom, to be there to be the reminder and encourager for him to be and do what he came here to do. And he is doing it.

Aka Ashton: Ashton and Bailey were supposed to meet. They have a connection that I have never seen in children. Not like this. Ashton's mother bounced, he was alone in the world passed from house to house for 9 months. Once Seth found out, he did everything to get him and make sure he knew he was wanted and loved. And it shows. However, there is still that seed memory that I had to transform inside myself in order to provide him with the path to move through it.

How fun is this ride!

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