Sunday, April 9, 2017

We have aligned with our Home - and Mercury Retrograde begins

In yesterdays post I made mention that we found it. It ticks all the boxes + a community pool.

The day before we found it - when I looked to see if there were any blocks - everything looked perfectly clear. Between Seth and I, the house, and the kids - all clear and it felt like life and color had entered the party.

The morning we found out, Wednesday 4/5, the realtor texted Seth some questions about his credit and then congratulated him on saving a family and their pets from a burning house in 2002.

I remember Seth coming over to my house that day in 2002 when I lived at 1407 boulevard way in Walnut Creek. I totally didn't believe him and laughed at him. Who knew that day 15 years ago would come back to us now. Of course it did.

We are total magic bunnies together. Like I said, when we are on - it's game freaking on.

It was either, we get our home - or - I go to Spain for a blueprint activation on May 6th.

I explained that Mercury retrograde begins April 9th (today) and that no new contracts until it ends on May 3rd.

I knew that I can participate in the blueprint activation from here - but ONLY if we had space to do it (which living in Mike's house we do not have). What I didn't "know-know" was whether or not I was going to go - like I told Seth, I'll travel to wherever I have to go to get to my people. I'll travel through galaxies - whatever it takes to do what I came here to do. I'm not wasting any more of my precious earth time waiting for anybody else to get their shit together. I'm ready to roll!

Well, after that conversation we got on track pretty damn fast. We did it. We signed the contract April 5th - just in time. We move in on the next New Moon, April 26th.

Here's our home!

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