Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mothers Day Gift & Power of Thoughts

Sunday was Mothers Day. I had such a hard time that day. Being away from Colton and Alex is not easy when it's the 'celebration of moms' day. What kind of mom abandons their own children to take care of someone else's child who is often too busy working or sleeping to be with you?

I will tell you who....

It's someone who has this vision in her head of the way she sees her true self. She is constantly laughing, voluptuous, abundant in every area of her life. Enjoying every second. It's HER that keeps the fire under my ass, who is determined to show her children that life is soooo much more than what we are conditioned,or born into, "believing" life is.

I found this letter from Bailey yesterday on the passenger seat next to me. Bailey had given it to me on Friday but I was driving and couldn't read it. Somehow it came back to me right at the perfect moment when I needed it the most.

This is the best mothers day present I've ever received. Yes, I will always be there to support all goals that my children have. She needed $0.10 to reach her goal of $100. Such an accomplishment - I'll give her the extra .1% that she needs to reach that goal. Hell YES I will!

And YES ~ thoughts are extremely powerful. "We created a house on a hill, by a creek, with gorgeous views, two stories, and huge windows - with our MINDS!"

The truth is....
Thoughts become Feelings
Feelings become Words
Words become Action
Action becomes Habit
Habit becomes your Reality

Even though I do teach my children this, and I know how TRUE this is, it's still so easy to forget to practice this in every single moment. Thoughts are so flittery fluttery. If I could only master this one aspect of the human experience, it would (aka WILL) be amazing.

Alright, I'm not there quite yet. But bring it on 3D.

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