Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer oh fun... Family Reunions, Backpacking, Surprise visits, Friends,Teeth, Crawling, the Works.

So many things have happened this summer it's hard to keep this updated. It seems like every weekend we are off doing something somewhere, or someone is visiting us. It's been a whirwind kind of a year.

On our way home from Kingston we pulled over on this rest stop. I love the way Shanon took this picture. It's picture perfect!

Shanon and his favorite little girl.

Next....ROAD TRIP!!!

Kids crashed out on the way to Trenton, Nebraska - one of Shanon's home towns. This was taken on the river road in Moab, right after they both puked.

Potty Break....A park on our Road Trip to Nebraska.

The house that Shanon grew up in until he was about five. When we went inside there were still his parents cancelled checks lying on the kitchen counter!! The house was definitely haunted. In this picture there is a scary face in the window between Shanon and Colton. I wish this picture was bigger so you could see it. Maybe I can blow it up somehow.
But when Colton turned around, the ghost was gone!!

Okay, so we found this boot in Shanon's old house. It is EXACTLY like the boot he wears today although he insists this was not his, I have my suspicions.

Grandma Janousek turned 94 this year! May be the last time we get to see her. She had her entire family history sitting on that table. That baby picture on the left is her mother at 13 months of age!!

Here they are! All 13 brothers and sisters of my mother in-law. Unfortunately I don't know everyone's name and the one full day in Trenton didn't leave us enough time to really get to chat with everyone. Bummer :( But we did make the most out of our twelve hour trip out there in our new Astro Van. Everyone was very comfortable.

Bailey cakes with Grandma Janousek.

Shanon and his sissy's Shandra and Shena.

One more goofy one.

Playing in the sand at the Lake by the Girlscout lodge.
Dangit! I was working the camera instead of paying attention to her eating the sand!! The next few days worth of poop should be a lot of fun coming out.

At the lake, crashed out.

Next day....headed home.
On our way home we had to stop in a little town Leadville, Colorado to see where my mom grew up and Shanon spent the rest of his childhood. What a cute little place.

A House that my mom lived in. Check out the stain glass eye in the rafters....

This is the other side of Shanon's family. Shanon's dad's cousins still live in Leadville. We made a surprise stop to say hi on our way out of Leadville.

Shanon's dad's gravesite. I wish I could have known him. Shanon thinks he would have like me. But not as much as he liked Lori. Shanon's first girlfriend..

The following events are in no particular order but gives you an idea of what we have been up to this summer.
I loved showing Alex how to make shrinky dinks. He wanted to keep going....that's kids though. You give them a little and they wants more and more. Fun stuff.

Little octopus.
Shanon took the boys backpacking on the 4th of July weekend. Alex got to go this time and they had a blast! It's amazing what a little sweat and fresh air will do for a person.
Look how BEAUTIFUL!!

Bailey trying on moms glasses.
It's been a few days now since Bai's top teeth came in AND she is now crawling all over the place. Look out!

The kids in the hood at Kens lake from left to right, Josh, Clancey, Colton, and Summer (Colt's first girlfriend).

Alex and Tacia at the Lake. Eek on Alex's face.....

Our magpie, Punkin, hanging with Ben.

I didn't want to put this one in here because I of my gut. But I can't be selfish. This is the family on the surprise 4th of July visit. It was such a surprise to see them knocking on my door that afternoon. Loved it!

Whew! That was a lot. And all the while Bai has been tired and my awesome boys have been taking care of her. (Poor babies) Now I'm off to put her to sleep and start the never ending laundry. Loves to all!!

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