Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Manifesting Home

With all my excitement, I found a place, by a creek, direct access to a walking trail, that does not look into the neighbors houses, and in fact has a view, AND that was WITHIN our price range! What?!  The kids and Seth and I all went to check it out on Saturday. The layout, size, location, quality was perfect - beyond perfect. We all fell in love. The problem, we didn't have the down payment or first month rent, yet. We were just 'looking'. It actually had more than I thought was possible, and more than we were asking for (with the exception that it was not on a hill per Bai).

We are about 2 months out from having enough to move into our own place and I'm telling you, I personally could not be more excited to get out of the roommate situation. As much as I love Mike, I want to raise my kids (and to be perfectly honest, myself) in an environment of MY making, nobody elses. I think that's a fair request.

Working on the 'worth' and 'deserving' aspects for Seth and I and making sure they are up to par with what we have done for the planet, for ourselves. We have really kicked this dimensions ass in my opinion with being on service for the highest good of all involved. Except for maybe our own selves at times. It's okay, we are a work in progress and I am soooo excited for the end result. The fruits of our labor. There is no possible way that with all the work that I do filling up our bodies with unconditional love that we won't get into a place that is fully 100% comfortable for all of us to reside. I have absolute confidence that the home is out there - and we will find it. It's all frequency after all. That's all it is. Simple Simon.

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