Friday, August 15, 2014

Hit and Run 5k - All day long

SO Much fun doing this race with two of my sisters, Alex, and my nephews Kwin and Kazh. I landed on my head acting like a tiger, we all got wet, the speakers told me to keep on eye on Alex over the next couple of years because he is going places... don't I know it!

This is us, getting ready to run three miles and experience obstacle courses galore. The boys are bored standing in line, they have NO idea what they are in for.

 Mom even got to come and hang out with the Bailey Sage, Brian, and Cruze. 

 We didn't take the camera on the run, BIG MISTAKE!! It was hilarious - Getting together with my sisters is a riot, I know we stand out in a crowd. Everyone else is too boring!

Gay and Kwin at the end of the race

 Me and Alex

 Heather and Kazh

Bailey got to do an obstacle that was just her size
Boys aren't wiped out yet - they take advantage of the last kiddie obstacle before we head home.

Beautiful-ness that Bailey made

And check out the coloring that  she was working on while we were running! We must have picked up on her creative energies during the race.

Yee haw!! Bailey take a picture of me at the end (boys are in the background)

 How could I even forget to post what I did to the race shirts?? (I had to edit my original post) I cut mine and Heathers shirts in the back, the arms, and the bottom - they turned out Awesome! 

 A couple of pictures just for the hell of it. 

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